Aging Parents

Seize the moment!

This morning I wasn’t sure I would feel like writing a story. It’s been a bit of a crazy week and I unexpectedly left town to be with my Dad for a couple of days.

I stated in my first blog, I’m in the in between with an aging parent. My mother passed away several years ago but my dad is still with us. He doesn’t live far which is a blessing. What doesn’t feel like a blessing is Covid. It makes everything more complicated and hard.

As with many aging adults, independence and a sense of control is important. Sometimes it is the only thing left they have. So in my life, my brothers and I are trying to make that happen for as long as we can with our dad. It’s a fine balance between being nosy and advocating for them when they can’t, and also allowing them as many opportunities to make the decisions for themselves.

When I think about God and our relationship with Him, I see some of the same things. He gave us free will so we get to make our own choices and exert our independence. He also is there ready to give us advice (the Bible) and advocate for us (“let your requests be made known to Him…” Phil. 4:6). All He asks is we come to Him and are willing to accept the grace, love, hope and gift of salvation.

So today, I sit with my dad and am choosing to be thankful for this time. In the same way, God asks for the same thing. He just wants us to sit a while and spend some time with Him. Will you make time today to spend with God? Today is fleeting and tomorrow is not promised. Seize the moment.

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