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Aim Until…

Top Golf Northwest Arkansas

At the beginning of spring I got an email telling me about what sounded like a really good deal. If you know anything about me, I’m all about saving money and having fun. It so happened a new Top Golf facility was opening in my town. Let me stop right here and give you a little bit of my golfing background…..putt putt. That’s about it. I’ve been on a driving range years ago and remember the frustration that built as my husband was patiently trying to encourage me to hit what seemed like a mosquito towards a button hole many yards away. It was no fun at all! After that, I had no, zero, interest in playing golf, learning to golf, watching golf, well, you get the picture. That is until. It’s a missed word most of the time but it has a lot of meaning. The definition or meaning of until is this: up to the time when something will happen or become true.

It wasn’t until I got invited to a place called Top Golf that my interest was peaked. The setting was a team building outing and I went prepared to have my best team player attitude along with it. I tend to be one who prepares to lose as to avoid disappointment. So off we went whacking at this little bitty ball that comes rolling out from the machine. In a short amount of time I felt myself having fun! It shocked me. I think the most joy was found in being with my team, laughing and just trying. None of us were LPGA hopefuls and the environment and friends cheering each other on made it so much more enjoyable than the driving range years ago.

So back to the email about the really good deal. It was promoting the Summer Fun Pass at Top Golf. I did the math and even if me or my family went three times, it would pay for itself. So, I took the plunge. Even with Covid pushing back opening dates, by June I found myself with my whole family enjoying the fun. It didn’t take long either before something pushed me to aim higher.

Now I didn’t have any aspirations of actually playing golf on a course but I thought, what if I could try to just hit the ball and make it go in the direction towards the hole? Anyone who actually can golf is probably laughing hysterically at me right now. That’s okay. I was laughing too. It sounds so minuscule but was like Goliath to me. The task was a bit daunting but then, I like a good challenge. Each week I committed to going and practicing. It’s kind of cheating because the holes are huge and if you can get anywhere near one, you get points but I wasn’t play with friends at this point, I was by myself just trying to learn. How do you stand? How do you lean? How do you hold the club and swing to hit that little thing? How do you make it look like you aren’t just playing extreme putt putt? Would I be able to get it in the air and consistently land it in one of the targets? I’m sure the staff (who some started to recognized me) were wondering all these things for me as well. Bless my own heart.

There was one thing I had going for me though, until. I was determined to aim for the targets and hit enough balls until I got closer. This reminds me so much about my walk with God. I am sure He looks down and wonders if I’m even aiming at all but I am reminded we are running a race with an until in mind. We know we will never be perfect but that doesn’t mean we don’t try to stay on course and walk the narrow road. It requires dedication and remembering what we are aiming towards. We do this with goals in life and seasons of life. We aim until we either accomplish the goal or need to move to the next target. How frustrated would golfing be if you couldn’t move to the next hole until you got a hole in one? I would never make it past the first one. But that’s not what life is about. Sure it’s nice to hit a hole in one so to say every once in a while but it is the lessons learned, the persistence, consistency, determination and dedication that keep us moving forward.

The progress I have made in golf is small but for me, worth celebrating. More so than not, I can hit it in the direction I want it to go. When I remember to do all the things that help me stand, grip and swing well, I come much closer to the target. Same for my relationship with God. When I fellowship with other believers, spend time with God in prayer, scripture and worship, I am much closer to Him than when I don’t.

Friends, I encourage you to aim until. Keep up the good work and keep striving for the next target. Don’t allow yourself to get tripped up in perfection but remember it’s the time spent and journey that get’s you to the target.

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