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Stop and Remember

Houston Airport 8:30am 9/11/20

I knew when I purchased my ticket and even this morning as I drove to the airport that today was 9/11. It’s not lost on me that I chose to fly this day and what emotions and feelings it brings to most Americans.

As I was dodging and weaving through the terminal this morning, I stopped in my tracks when this display of respect, honor and remembrance occurred. So while the video isn’t professional, I thought it was very appropriate to share with you today.

As you read this and watch, I ask you to remember. Whether you were alive or not, we can all stop to appreciate what our soldiers, home front hero’s, search and rescue, fire fighters, paramedics, EMT’s, doctors, nurses and so many others sacrifice so our country can remain free.

Next I ask you to pray. Pray for our country, for the leadership and for God to be merciful and give us protection from those who want to harm us. Pray for those serving now and for their protection. Thank them when you see them and let today remind us all what they do daily so often goes unseen.

My brother Grant (retired Colonel- Army) and I with the twin towers in the background before 9/11.

Remembering and living, day to day-